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Why limit yourself to simply publishing your book, when you can expand the experience for your readers? Adding a reader magnet is a great way of increasing engagement! Whether it be a companion photo book, a poster, or a checklist, we've got your back! Check out all of our reader magnet options below.


Prices start at $75* and will be determined per project.


If our options below don't match exactly what you have in mind, please let us know and we will have a look at creating something custom.

*All prices axclude a 10% service fee

Digital photo album

Perfect for biographies and memoirs. A picture book PDF with image + captions that tells their story through pictures. Flip-book option available.

Pocketbook guide

Perfect for self-help books. A PDF summary guide of key points in their book as a 2-5 page booklet. Also made mini recipe books with ‘the best recipes’ for cookbooks. Flip-book option available.


Perfect for children’s books or children’s workbooks. Printable A4 size collectible poster of characters in the children’s books with a message or educational poster that summarizes the key concepts. Clickable digital poster option available.

Workbook or planner

Perfect for books that require a scheduler or accompanying workbook. A PDF workbook filled with activities for specific chapters in a book or a printable day planner. Flip-book option available, but no fill-in option available.

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