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types of editing

Developmental Editing


In this first stage of editing we mainly look at the manuscript as a whole. Plot, structure, characterization. Does the manuscript make sense? Are there any chapters that need to go, or maybe need to be added? Maybe there are elements that simply don’t work in the story. This type of editing mainly works for fiction books.

Content Editing

This type of editing goes deeper into the manuscript and focuses on things like the readability, pace, and the character’s voice. Does the manuscript flow? Will it hold the attention of the reader? Are the characters relatable?

Copy Editing

This is the more technical side of editing. Here the editor focuses mainly on grammar and correctness of the text.


It’s not something you want to spend a lot of money on, but it’s also not something you should want to do yourself. Editing a book is completely different to writing one. And besides that, you will never be as critical about your own book as someone else would. It’s your baby, after all. So let one of our editors do it for you. They all have years of experience in editing books and are some of the best in the business. And the best thing is, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

our editors


Developmental editing - content editing - copy editing

I’ve been an avid reader, writer, and editor for as long as I can remember. Birthdays and Christmas money was always spent on accumulating my growing pile of precious paperbacks, and any spare moment not spent playing sport was dedicated to reading about adventures or writing my own. Fast-forward quite a few years and I’m now a self-published author and accredited editor who offers a range of editing services for indie authors in both US and UK English.

As an author, I completely understand the process of going from the messy, first draft to the final, published manuscript. There is no denying that it is scary submitting your book baby to an editor (no matter whether it is your first or not), but it doesn’t need to be—not if you’ve done your homework and found the right editor for your needs. A professional edit can be an exciting process that both the author and the editor enjoy. Given there is a lot of trust involved, it is vitally important to find the editor that best suits your style and your voice. So, that said, I encourage you to contact me for a free sample edit to work out if we’ll be a perfect match.


Developmental editing - content editing - copy editing - proofreading


Doris has been editing print media and organizing educational programs since 2005 as the Chief Copy Editor and Program Coordinator for several environmental agencies. Doris is now the Chief Editor for a non-fiction book publishing company specializing in self-help books. She also offers editing services for fiction, ranging from short stories, novels, plays, and even video game narratives. These experiences have primed her to be an extremely attentive editor, delivering a fast turnaround without ever sacrificing quality.


When Doris is not editing, she is writing, reading, or drawing. Doris is currently working on self-publishing her debut novel and understands the challenges indie authors face. Through Cutting Edge Studio, she is committed to helping authors achieve clarity and momentum towards their book's publication. Please contact Doris for a free sample edit to see how she can transform your work.


Developmental editing - content editing - copy editing


I’m Val Cervarich, a nonfiction editor and word nerd at heart. I assist authors in creating compelling and polished manuscripts. While getting my master’s degree in Teaching English, I deepened my knowledge of grammar and writing. This has translated into comprehensive developmental and copy editing services for self-publishing authors. I utilize a constructive approach in providing feedback, which empowers authors to refine their writing skills and their voices. And my teaching background has shaped my communicative and flexible approach for working with clients, especially novice authors.


I would love to support your journey to publication!


Copy editing


Robin has been passionately in love with the written word ever since teaching herself to read at the age of four. This love expanded to include writing as soon as she could pick up a pencil. When she eventually discovered editing, she knew that she had found her dream career.


Robin believes that an author’s most important asset is their original writing voice, and her goal is to preserve and amplify that voice by removing obstacles such as grammar and punctuation problems, lack of clarity, and weak structure. She is committed to helping authors publish their work with the highest possible quality.

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Copy editing - proofreading


Hello! My name is Susan Michaud. I live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, USA, and am a lover of people, nature, and words. As a blogger, a copy editor, and a certified proofreader, my passion is to help authors deliver their best to their readers.

I understand how hard it is to wear the many hats necessary to publish. However, publishing a book with typos and misspelled or misused words will harm your credibility and yank your reader out of your message. Allow me to save you time and embarrassment by proofreading or copy editing your project. I am trained and certified with a keen eye for details and mistakes either missed or made during the editing process. Your audience deserves your best and will appreciate your attention to detail.

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Content editing - copy editing


Hello! I’m Lisa Tynan, from Massachusetts, USA, an experienced freelance writer turned full-time editor. My primary editing niche is non-fiction, and I specialize in the Christian and self-help genres. However, I welcome authors of all genres and specialties.


As both an editor and a writer, I provide unique skills and insights that ensure your book is both grammatically sound and cleanly written. I also believe that a great book is a collaborative effort of both editor and author, so ongoing communication is essential.


Contact me for a free sample edit. I’d love to put my passion for editing to work for you!


Developmental editing - content editing - copy editing - proofreading


I hated reading as a child and was always the slowest to read a chapter in class. Everything changed after I came across that one book. First, it was one book a month. Then, two and four, and so on. Reading and writing became my solace in times of struggle. I became an online tutor for creative writing classes in college, accelerating my passion for literature and creative writing daily. Students come to me with a wide range of assignments and I found my calling to help strengthen their confidence and encourage them towards perfecting their skills. Now, I work for Cutting Edge Studio to help guide and encourage you! Whatever project you throw my way, we will conquer it together, no matter how big or small. Getting a story started is the hard part, now all we have to do is make it memorable.


Developmental editing - content editing - copy editing - proofreading


An author’s story is a significant work of art, an art that needs to be cultivated and crafted to perfection. 


I am here to help you construct your flawless masterpiece, no matter what form of editing you need! With affordable prices, you can receive the most immaculate story you can imagine in a timely manner without your wallet begging you to stop. 


If I have yet to convince you, I also offer a free 500-word sample edit so you know exactly what I can do for you. All you have to do is shoot me a quick sample of your creative gem so I can chisel it to perfection! 60,000 and under word documents are completed in 30 days or less so you can publish your work and release it to the world. That’s a big job and I’m here to make it easier. 


My inbox is always open so I’m here whenever you need me.

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