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So you've got yourself a brilliant story, a kick-ass book cover, and a clever book description. But why stop there? When you launch your book, you want to create as much excitement around it as possible. What better way to do that than by promoting it with a custom book trailer? Throw it on social media, on your website, on YouTube... Make sure that everyone knows that you have a new book coming out.

Watch the book trailers further down this page to get a taste of what is possible.

Turn on sound for best experience

book promotion services - basic video/book trailer package



  • Animation revealing your book cover

  • Average of 10 seconds, just enough time to grab the attention

  • Perfect for sharing on social media

  • Includes a free 3D mockup of your book

  • 1 revision




  • Simple book trailer

  • 3D animation video, a doodle video or a combination also possible

  • Max. 1 minute trailer (longer possible for added fee)

  • Includes a free 3D mockup of your book

  • 2 revisions

book promotion services - exclusive video/book trailer package






  • Uses superior video materials and editing

  • Includes all listed basic video items

  • Max. 1 minute trailer (longer possible for added fee)

  • Stock photos/videos included

  • Possibility of interactive video included

  • Possibility of explainer videos included

  • 2 revisions

voice over starting at +$90*

Voice over sample

*All prices exclude a 10% service fee

Treehouse cover reveal
Cover reveal Meera
Cover reveal J. Sharpe

cover reveal