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Een man en een vrouw die deelnemen aan een radioshow


Make searching for suitable podcasts and contacting them easier by using Podcast Hawk! The smartest way to get booked on 1000's of podcasts.

Podcasting. It can be a great way to market your book and/or your business. It’s becoming an amazing tool to get more people to know about what you have the share. Now, you could create your own podcast show, but this of course takes a lot of time. Appearing as a guest on a podcast suited to your topic is also a great option. But finding the right podcast can be a daunting task, and contacting them, remembering who you have contacted, following up, etc, can be even trickier.

We've got you covered!


Introducing: Podcast Hawk

Saves you Time

Reduce the time spent on researching podcasts and focus on being a guest.

Target Podcasts

Identify the podcasts you want to be a guest on that are live now.

Saves you Money

Saves you so much time you see the money drop back into your wallet

Watch the video below to see how Podcast Hawk works and how to set things up

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