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So let's talk about book descriptions for a minute, shall we?

Most authors don't think book descriptions through. They write one, upload it, and that's it. They forget that a good description is one of the most important tools an author or publisher has to sell books.

Sure, your cover, reviews and price are important. But while those things will get your customers onto you sales page, the blurb will actually sell your book.

We have written over a hundred book descriptions for authors and publishers all over the world. Let us write one for you now.

Just send us an email with your book idea, book information, type of book, elements you use, the genre, etc. Also, tell us a little bit about yourself. After that we will get back to you within a couple of days with your book blurb.

We can't wait to get started. So contact us now to talk about some back cover book blurb examples and creating a masterpiece for your book!

1 search online

Try to find a professional that writes your book description for you that can compete with our prices.

2 Go back to our site

When you find out that almost everybody charges more, go back to our site, click the contact button, and send us an email.


tell us what your book is about

Also, tell us a little bit about yourself and send us a brief synopsis of your book.

4 wait a few days

We will get back to you with your new book blurb within a few days.


*All prices exclude a 10% service fee

book descriptions

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