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Cutting Edge Studio was created with one purpose in mind: helping out as many authors as we can, keep the process simple, and offer great author services for reasonable prices. Why? Because we started as authors ourselves. We know how frightening it can be to publish your (first) book, how overwhelming it can be when you find out about all the things you need to think about before you can even consider publishing your book.

Cutting Edge Studio was founded by Joris and Marijke. Under his pseudonym J. Sharpe, Joris has traditionally published more than fourteen suspense novels before he decided to take the leap of faith, have his books translated, and self-publish them. Because he has a contract with a traditional publisher, he was used to the fact that he only needed to write the book. After sending it to the publisher, they often did the rest. And although Joris was always active and helped to promote his books the best way he could himself, it was nothing compared to the fact that, as a self-published author, he now had to think of every aspect of the publishing process. Suddenly, he needed to think about cover design, book descriptions, marketing, etc.

While he was learning about the self-publishing world, one of the things he found out was that he needed to work with several different companies to get all his ducks in a row. Company A could help him with marketing, company B with tips about uploading your book, company C with advertisements, and so on. And most of these companies were charging ridiculous prices. He got frustrated. Why can’t I just find one company that can do it all?

Let's fast forward a couple of months. Marijke already had a website called Hummingbird Book Covers. She is a cover design artist who has worked for traditional publishing houses for many years. She had the dream to expand and to also make covers for indie-authors. On his author website (, Joris already started offering a few services like free YouTube tutorials about writing and publishing, coaching, and book trailers. Often, when a client ordered a cover with Marijke, they also wanted one or more services Joris offered. So they decided to merge their services and create a company that Joris wished he had found when he started with his self-publishing journey. Affordable, transparent, with the best services, and fast responding customer support.

Fast forward a few months more, we are proud to say that Cutting Edge Studio is THE one-stop-shop for authors and that we have a brilliant and ever-growing team of professionals that can help you out every step of the way during the self-publishing process.

So if you ever feel overwhelmed, let us be your light in the dark.

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