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A website is an important aspect for you as an author or for your business. It’s the first place your potential readers or customers will find (more) information about you and your book(s). That’s why it’s vital that it looks professional. Let us create one for you or your business.


At Cutting Edge Studio we try to help as many authors as we can and offer services for any budget. We also give different options if you would like to outsource services to us, or rather do them yourself. This is especially the case with our webdesign service.

Do it yourself

Creating a website used to be a very hard thing to do. And, to be honest, it’s still has a learning curve and you will need to have some time on your hands if you want to do it yourself, but creating amazing and professional-looking websites is easier than it ever was.


Introducing: Elementor Cloud Website


Before 2022, if you wanted a professional website, you needed to first purchase your domain with company A, get access to a platform like WordPress or Wix with company B, find a company or a plugin for back-ups, etc.


Let’s make life easier


With Elementor Cloud Website you pay a fixed fee of $99 per year and for that you get:

  • Hosting (including SSL certificate)

  • Elementor Pro (one of the best and easiest drag and drop editors out there)

  • CMS Tools

  • WordPress, themes, and the basic plugins pre-installed to get you started ASAP.

  • Daily Backups

  • Support

  • And much, much more.


For more information, and to get started click here

Let the pros create your website

If you don’t have the time to create and manage your website, let us help you. Most companies charge at least $500 for a service like this. Not us. If you get access to a domain and WordPress (the easiest way is to sign up for Elementor Cloud Website by clicking on the link above) and give us your login credentials, we can create a stunning-looking website for you within 2 weeks.


Outsourcing your website to us can save you:

  • Time. You don’t need to figure out how the editor works, where things are, what the best plugins are, how to make sure everything is optimized, etc

  • Money. We are a lot cheaper than 99% of the professional companies out there offering the same service.

  • Headaches and stress.


We can create a 3-page website for only $299.

For any additional page, we only charge $50 extra.


*All prices exclude a 10% service fee


See some examples of websites we have done below by clicking the screenshots.

Please note that the websites we offer for this price are Wordpress websites. There are a lot of good options in Wordpress for making a professional website, but the amount of customization that is possible is limited. We also offer fully customizable websites. Please contact us for more information.

webdesign voorbeeld 1.jpg
webdesign voorbeeld 2.jpg
webdesign voorbeeld 3.jpg
webdesign voorbeeld 4.jpg
webdesign voorbeeld 5.jpg
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