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Shauna Harris

Author of 'Speaking of Sex'

I researched cover designers and formatters for weeks and knew from the first click on Cutting Edge Studio that this was the place for me. Because this was my first book, I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed. My first experience was with Joris. He was extremely patient and very knowledgable. He answered every single one of my questions and was so great. I decided to have my book cover and my formatting completed by Cutting Edge Studio and I am beyond satisfied with the results. Joris recommended Daliborka for my cover and Arjen for my formatting. Within 24 hours, I had my first set of options for my cover. Daliborka listened to my vision and nailed it. I even threw a curve ball her way for a second option and she came back within hours with a beautiful design that I fell in love with. Her instincts and skills had my head shaking in disbelief. She was so kind, incredibly efficient, and super talented. 


My formatting took a little bit longer due to a few hiccups on my end, but the patience that Arjen showed and the professional manner in which he treated myself and my book, were remarkable. The format that I chose for my book was slightly different and Arjen had no trouble completing the look that I requested. He was very helpful, beyond patient, and went above and beyond to help me get my book to the finish line. If I could reach out and hug this kind soul, I would!


Cutting Edge Studio is definitely the company that I recommend to my author friends for all of their book needs. I am so grateful to Joris, Daliborka, and Arjen for all of their hard work in making my dream come alive! You three ROCK! Thank you so much!

Oran Kivity

Author of 'Moxa in motion'

To be honest, I felt a little intimidated by the Cutting Edge website. It looked so comprehensive, professional and all-encompassing that I was concerned that I’d end up on some kind of self-publishing conveyor belt. How wrong I was! I got very personal attention from my first email. I wanted to create an author’s landing page and my contact, Joris, who is also an author, was full of enthusiasm. It seemed hard to believe, but he was genuinely excited about my landing page and books and he got stuck into the landing page redesign ahead of his schedule.  I’m delighted with the results. Cutting Edge Studio was created by authors, for authors. This kind of warmth and commitment is hard to find and I will definitely come back to them in the future.

Merideth Tullous

Author of 'Heroes among us' and 'A gift to remember'

I gave Marijke quite a unique and frankly difficult idea for a cover and boy did she deliver. Quick, to the point, easy to communicate with. Highly recommend.

Nikhil Ramgiri

Author of 'The golden decade'

Given how niche my book concept was, I expected to have an extended correspondence with Cutting Edge Studios before I got a book cover I liked. But Danijela was excellent about accommodating the details I was looking for, and she was able to give me the perfect cover within a week. On top of that, Joris was great about connecting me with a formatter who was not only meticulous, but also had a quick turnaround time. I can't say enough good things about my experience with CES - efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely professional!

Sara Deray

Author of 'Number 367'

Cutting edge studio made me a beautiful cover. Not just gorgeous and professional, it was genre specific - it was just what I needed. They respond quickly, they understand your needs as an author of a book that you really want to look its best, and they get it done right. They also did my formatting and my book layout is stunning. It's professional; they were able to tell me answers to questions I didn't even know to ask! They listened, understood what I needed for my book, and they just took care of it. I couldn't be happier with the experience, and would recommend them to any author who wants service that's a cut above.

Debra Alexander

Author of 'Sixth sense: The rated R contemporary christian'

I've never felt more comfortable. This team is amazing. When I wrote my book I felt there were missing pieces. The book cover, trailer and description seal the missing gaps and breathe life into your book.

Antonio Roberts

Author of 'Vestige: Rise of the pureblood'

Joris was very upfront, professional, and yet understanding and down to earth in a way that he was pleasurable to work with. He made sure I understood all my options before starting the project, and was patient through the two series of changes until we were both happy with the results. Now I couldn't be more ecstatic with my book trailer, and I would highly recommend him to others.

Julie Bacher

Author of 'Teachers speak'

Let me just begin by saying that I'm not necessarily easy to work with.... I had a very specific idea. I kept rejecting covers, and explaining more what I was looking for. Marijke never got frustrated no matter how many changes I asked her to make. She was cheery and a pleasure to work with. Even more importantly, she really listened to my ideas for the cover and back cover. I absolutely love my book cover!

Jali Henry

Author of 'World breacher'

I’m a first time author who had never written a book blurb before. Joris helped me to see what I’d been missing and added elements that I hadn’t thought of previously. I’d highly recommend using his service.

John Hornbeck

Author of 'A gift of hope'

As the author, the content of my book is in my control. The exception is the cover and the formatting. And these are two of the most crucial elements in effectively introducing your story to the public. The quality of the work from Cutting Edge was excellent. But what impressed me most was the sense of collaboration. In many ways, we worked as a team. And all of you were extraordinarily responsive. I will be working with you again.

Mimi Kroger

Author of 'Holy Spirit, Help Me Heal'

I’m over the moon happy with my cover. Daliborka is a ROCK STAR. I’ve been referring you guys all over the place and hope people make the smart choice of going with Cutting Edge Studio!

Justin McNamee

Author of 'Enlightenment'

Cutting Edge Studio is amazing! They responded to my emails in a timely manner, they were completely open to any and all input I had, they were kind, friendly, patient and the finished products that they designed were honestly fantastic! I couldn't have asked for better service. I highly recommend them!

Jessica Ainsworth

Author of 'The beginner's guide to content marketing' and 'The beginner's guide to facebook advertising'

Cutting edge studio created book descriptions for two of my books and did the formatting on them. Not only are their rates some of the most affordable out there, but they are also super friendly and professional. They offered suggestions on my book and then allowed me to go back and implement those suggestions while in the formatting process. The whole experience was excellent and it is without hesitation that I would recommend them AND be a repeat customer after I write my next book.

J.N. Marton

Author of 'My ticket out'

I reached out to them to write a blurb for my novel. I was very happy with what they came up with. I tweaked it a bit to make it sound more like me but they did a fantastic job. They also offer discounts to SPS students which is great!

Skye Horn

Author of 'Wings of fate'

Joris created a book trailer for my upcoming fantasy novel. He was quick to respond to my requests / revisions and did an excellent job bringing my vision to life! He was also attentive to any questions I had regarding the process & marketing of the trailer. I love the final product and the prices are extremely affordable!

M.P. Reyes

Author of 'Daniel's CD'

I needed to write a blurb, but I honestly did not know how to write one that sells. I reached out to Joris after I found out about his service and figured, “Why the heck not?” So I did. No regrets. He knows how to write a book description that makes me want to read it even when I’m the author of it myself.

Felix Markman

Author of 'Covid 19 - The deliberate pandemic'

As a first time author, I didn't know who to trust with my cover design and formatting. The Cutting Edge Studio Team did an excellent job with both, delivering high quality work very quickly and seamlessly implementing my feedback as we iterated on the project. While I didn't go with them for my editing, I expect their editing to be superb as well. It's been a pleasure to work with the team and it makes writing my next book much easier knowing I have Cutting Edge Studio by my side. 

Talwinder Sidhu

Author of 'Meditate: Breathe into meditation and awaken your potential'

Writing a book is hard work and as a self-published author, the hard work continues as you begin to enter your book's production phase. Additionally costs start piling up so you start thinking about cutting corners and doing things yourself, and one of those things is attempting to create the eBook version of your book. Don't do it, there is no need to go through the stress and hassle and if your eBook doesn't upload properly, you'll spend hours trying to figure out where the error is. Arjen at Cutting Edge Studio is worth every penny, he creates your eBook so quickly and he can fix errors effortlessly. The service is remarkable and whenever you need an update; a typo fixed or even a minor format change it's always an "All done." I don't think I've ever had to wait more than a day. The service is a delight, it's fast, courteous, and great value for money. Some advice, go with all of their recommendations because they really know what they're doing, my eBook looked like the print design and none of my readers had any issues with the digital version. You'll also learn a lot too, Arjen was kind enough to guide me through anything I didn't understand, and working with him saved me hours if not days! It is my pleasure to recommend Arjen and Cutting Edge Studio.

Wakanyi Hoffman

Author of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas Safari'

From start to finish, Cutting Edge Studio executed my debut picture book with precision and utmost professionalism. They were warm and caring, and kept things personal. Anytime I had any question, I received a reply within minutes of sending an email. They worked tirelessly, day and night, and I would say that within a short amount of time, I feel like we became friends. They delivered my book with speed, well before the tight deadline that I had provided, and I definitely look forward to working with them again and again.

Michael Wedaa

Author of 'International travel secrets'

Cutting Edge Studio not only had the lowest price for book formatting but they also work hard to get you what you need.  My editor and launch team found some text issues in my original manuscript and Arjen was great about making several revisions for me (more than the usual) and both the print and ebook formatting came out great.  Amazon also had several issues with the cover sizing and Cutting Edge fixed those for me even though they did not design my cover.  Great service and great value!

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