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Dutch author J. Sharpe is a multiple award nominee and Amazon Bestselling author of suspense novels. He is best known for how he blends themes and elements from two or more different genres in his books, including Eden (nominated for a Bastaard Award), Syndrome (nominated for a Harland Award and Bastaard Award) and Broken Memory (also nominated for a Harland Award).

So far Sharpe has traditionally published thirteen novels and several short stories in The Netherlands and Belgium and self-published multiple of his translations on Amazon. He also writes non-fiction books about writing in English. His work is translated in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and a few of his books are also available in braille.

Joris has worked for several traditional publishers and helped hundreds of self-published authors with coaching, book descriptions, book trailers, website designs, and more.

He looks forward to working with you next.

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Cover designer


Marijke has been a cover designer since 2015 when she started designing for Dutch publishing house Zilverspoor, which she still does to this day. After a couple of years she decided to start her own business designing covers for self-publishing authors, named Hummingbird Book Covers. Once her husband, author J. Sharpe, decided to provide authors with services such as book trailers and book descriptions, they talked about merging their businesses to create a one-stop-shop for authors. That’s how Cutting Edge Studio was born. Marijke has since created covers for both fiction and non-fiction books, always striving to design a cover that both fits your story and is commercial. Check out the book cover portfolio to see examples of her work.




Corina has always been an avid reader, writer, and editor for as long as she can remember. Birthdays and Christmas money was always spent on accumulating her growing pile of precious paperbacks, and any spare moment not spent playing sport was dedicated to reading about adventures or writing her own. Fast-forward quite a few years and she is now a self-published author and accredited editor who offers a range of editing services for indie authors in both US and UK English.


As an author, she completely understand the process of going from the messy, first draft to the final, published manuscript. There is no denying that it is scary submitting your book baby to an editor (no matter whether it is your first or not), but it doesn’t need to be—not if you’ve done your homework and found the right editor for your needs. A professional edit can be an exciting process that both the author and the editor enjoy. Given there is a lot of trust involved, it is vitally important to find the editor that best suits your style and your voice. So, that said, Corina encourages you to contact her for a free sample edit to work out if you two would be a perfect match.


Proofreader - Formatter


Arjen has been working in IT for over 30 years. His adventure into electronic publishing started in 2011 when he wrote an email to John Vance, the son of the grandmaster of sci-fi and fantasy Jack Vance, asking whether his father's works were available as ebooks. This resulted in the Vance Digital Edition, a 66-volume ebook-set containing the complete works of Jack Vance. After a visit to Oakland where he got to meet Jack, the idea of a publishing house was born.


Over the last decade he has proofread and formatted over 300 titles from different authors for different publishers worldwide. When not working behind his computer he loves to travel, go for long hikes, spend time with his children or just simply enjoy watching TV accompanied by his two cats Murdock and Monty.

Cover designer


Kim started her professional career as a documentary photographer. In all her projects, she looked for similarities between people and tried to invalidate prejudice.

Writing proved a better way to express herself. In her stories, she combines well-written worlds and characters with great emotional depth. She doesn't avoid intense subjects. Her stories became her window to the real world.

As to date, she has written over 8 fantasy novels. At the moment she is working on a new instalment to THE TALES OF THE DOWNFALL, a continuation of her LILLITH TRILOGY.

Besides that, Kim has created several fantasy covers for traditional publishing houses. And she would love to create one for you. Check out the book cover portfolio to see examples of her work.



Alia Marie is the chief editor for Badass’D Digital Ink who helps writers achieve word excellence so that their books and public works can be admired and adored for the ages of time. Now she also provides editing services for indie authors through Cutting Edge Studio. She believes an author’s story is a significant work of art, an art that needs to be cultivated and crafted to perfection. 


Before becoming an editor, Alia crafted advertising posts for small businesses and indulged in her love of acting.

Cover designer - Formatter


Danijela is a creative, energetic, fast and innovative graphic designer with 20+ years of experience in a variety of exciting projects. She gained experience while working in a publishing house, a couple of design studios and printing houses, after which she decided to make designing a full time job. She now designs book covers for self-publishing authors, her strength being non-fiction design. Design is her passion, love and work, client satisfaction being the highest priority.

In her free time, Danijela spends as much time as possible with her daughter and two lovely dogs.



Pam is our in-house illustrator from the Netherlands. She has a job as a PhD at Utrecht University where she studies how sand goes from A to B on a beach. Some other things she does are making fantasy costumes, archery and juggling. To be more specific: devilstick juggling. It’s awesome. Google it if you don’t know what it is.

She started drawing dragons and unicorns as soon as she could hold a pencil. At a certain moment, she also started drawing characters. Now she creates the most amazing illustrations for book covers and specializes in fantasy.

Copy Editor - Proofreader


Susan lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, USA, and is a lover of people, nature, and words. As a blogger, a copy editor, and a certified proofreader, her passion is to help authors deliver their best to their readers.

She understands how hard it is to wear the many hats necessary to publish. However, publishing a book with typos and misspelled or misused words will harm your credibility and yank your reader out of your message. Allow Susan to save you time and embarrassment by proofreading or copy editing your project. She is trained and certified with a keen eye for details and mistakes either missed or made during the editing process. Your audience deserves your best and will appreciate your attention to detail.



Robin has been passionately in love with the written word ever since teaching herself to read at the age of four. This love expanded to include writing as soon as she could pick up a pencil. When she eventually discovered editing, she knew that she had found her dream career.


Robin believes that an author’s most important asset is their original writing voice, and her goal is to preserve and amplify that voice by removing obstacles such as grammar and punctuation problems, lack of clarity, and weak structure. She is committed to helping authors publish their work with the highest possible quality.