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Coach - Book descriptions - Book trailers - Webdesign


Dutch author J. Sharpe is a multiple award nominee and Amazon Bestselling author of suspense novels. He is best known for how he blends themes and elements from two or more different genres in his books, including Eden (nominated for a Bastaard Award), Syndrome (nominated for a Harland Award and Bastaard Award) and Broken Memory (also nominated for a Harland Award).

So far Sharpe has traditionally published fourteen novels and several short stories in The Netherlands and Belgium and self-published multiple of his translations on Amazon. He has also written a non-fiction book about self-publishing and marketing. His work is translated in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and a few of his books are also available in braille.

Joris has worked for several traditional publishers and has helped hundreds of self-published authors with coaching, book descriptions, book trailers, website designs, and more. He is often referred to as being very down-to-earth and sincere, always eager to help out.

He looks forward to working with you next!

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Cover designer


Marijke has been a cover designer since 2015 when she started designing for Dutch publishing house Zilverspoor, which she still does to this day. After a couple of years she decided to start her own business designing covers for self-publishing authors, named Hummingbird Book Covers. Once her husband, author J. Sharpe, decided to provide authors with services such as book trailers and book descriptions, they talked about merging their businesses to create a one-stop-shop for authors. That’s how Cutting Edge Studio was born. Marijke has since created covers for both fiction and non-fiction books, always striving to design a cover that both fits your story and is commercial.


Check out the book cover portfolio to see examples of her work.

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Cover designer


Danijela is a creative, energetic, fast and innovative graphic designer with 20+ years of experience in a variety of exciting projects. She gained experience while working in a publishing house, a couple of design studios and printing houses, after which she decided to make designing a full time job. She now designs book covers for self-publishing authors, her strength being non-fiction design. Design is her passion, love and work, client satisfaction being the highest priority.

In her free time, Danijela spends as much time as possible with her daughter and two lovely dogs.

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Cover designer


Daliborka is a graphic designer with 20+ years of experience in the field. Some of her favorite jobs to work on are book covers and typography. She has made a few hundred book covers for children, YA and adult books so far for several publishers from all around the world, as well as countless promo materials for social media and web/print advertising. She finds her job to be challenging and creative therefore very satisfying. Daliborka loves animals and nature and she lives with her husband, son and two cats.

Daliborka prides herself on being punctual, patient and dedicated to all of her projects. That's why most of her clients are return clients.


Cover designer


Emily has been a cover designer since 2017 when she started designing for one book cover design agency. After three years she decided to start her own business designing book covers, named Emily’s World of Design.  She is a creator of awesome book covers of all genres who understands how much time you put in writing your book and the importance of it. When you start a project with her, it is not finished until you are 100% satisfied with the final design. She has experience working with both publishing houses and indie authors. She is very dedicated to her work.


She loves her life, her hubby, dad, five sisters, and cat Zozik, she enjoys her job very much and she believes she is a truly happy person.

Her favorite quote is 'Do what you love - love what you do'.


Cover designer


Nada is passionate about book cover design, from early teen years she was focused on becoming a book designer.
She has chosen to study at Fine Art Academy, departement of book design, illustration and typography. Since 2009 she has worked for publishing houses and since 2013 for self-published authors.

Being able to communicate directly with writers inspires her and leads to the creation of an eye-catching book cover that attracts readers. And at the same time, complementing the book's author's vision.

In her free time Nada paints, draws, reads and spends time with family and friends. She also enjoys swimming and playing with her pet chinchilla.


Cover designer


OBSI is a Filipino cover designer currently residing in Toronto, Canada. At first, photo manipulation was just a hobby, but since 2015 OBSO has been designing book covers. Starting out designing book covers for Wattpad stories and non-commercial fan-art, she has turned her hobby into a business in 2021. Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Romance covers are her specialties, but she is always happy to dive into a new genre to create the cover best suited for your story,


Cover designer


Riley Quinn is a Canadian author and designer. A jack-of-all-trades in the literary industry, Riley has designed book covers and trailers for clients across North America and Europe. As an independently published author, Riley's novels have reached the Amazon #1 bestseller list and are sold in bookstores worldwide.


Riley grew up in Western Canada, dividing his time between the prairies and the shores of the north-west coast. He approaches his work with passion and relentless attention to detail.


Cover designer


Angela Stevens is an expat Brit living in North Carolina, USA. A former teacher turned novelist, she started her designing career eight years ago making covers for her own 30+ self published books. In 2017, she began her design company, Cat’s Pyjamas Design, and makes covers for both fiction and non-fiction genres. She delights in making your cover dreams come true whilst making your book shine next to your genre competitors.


Cover designer


Daniela, most known in the internet world as Asterielly, is an art driven Mexican book cover designer and digital artist. She discovered the digital art world back in 2015 as a hobbyist and fell in love with photomanipulation. Later this love would get her to design book covers and turn her hobby into a business in 2021.

She has worked with a variety of self-published and bestselling authors as well as publishing companies such as Penguin Random House (Spain) and Sword & Silk Books.

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Shannon is an artist living in Northern California with her husband and two sons. She enjoys staying at home raising her children and caring for their many animals. She enjoyed a successful career as a hair and makeup artist, lash technician and a family photographer before becoming a stay at home mother.


Drawing and painting has been a life long passion and she is so excited to embark on this new journey as an illustrator. She loves many art styles and enjoys finding the perfect look and art design for each authors story.




Corina has always been an avid reader, writer, and editor for as long as she can remember. Birthdays and Christmas money was always spent on accumulating her growing pile of precious paperbacks, and any spare moment not spent playing sport was dedicated to reading about adventures or writing her own. Fast-forward quite a few years and she is now a self-published author and accredited editor who offers a range of editing services for indie authors in both US and UK English.


As an author, she completely understand the process of going from the messy, first draft to the final, published manuscript. There is no denying that it is scary submitting your book baby to an editor (no matter whether it is your first or not), but it doesn’t need to be—not if you’ve done your homework and found the right editor for your needs. A professional edit can be an exciting process that both the author and the editor enjoy. Given there is a lot of trust involved, it is vitally important to find the editor that best suits your style and your voice. So, that said, Corina encourages you to contact her for a free sample edit to work out if you two would be a perfect match.

Document met Pen



Alia Marie is the chief editor for Badass’D Digital Ink who helps writers achieve word excellence so that their books and public works can be admired and adored for the ages of time. Now she also provides editing services for indie authors through Cutting Edge Studio. She believes an author’s story is a significant work of art, an art that needs to be cultivated and crafted to perfection. 


Before becoming an editor, Alia crafted advertising posts for small businesses and indulged in her love of acting.

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Copy Editor - Proofreader


Susan lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, USA, and is a lover of people, nature, and words. As a blogger, a copy editor, and a certified proofreader, her passion is to help authors deliver their best to their readers.

She understands how hard it is to wear the many hats necessary to publish. However, publishing a book with typos and misspelled or misused words will harm your credibility and yank your reader out of your message. Allow Susan to save you time and embarrassment by proofreading or copy editing your project. She is trained and certified with a keen eye for details and mistakes either missed or made during the editing process. Your audience deserves your best and will appreciate your attention to detail.




Robin has been passionately in love with the written word ever since teaching herself to read at the age of four. This love expanded to include writing as soon as she could pick up a pencil. When she eventually discovered editing, she knew that she had found her dream career.


Robin believes that an author’s most important asset is their original writing voice, and her goal is to preserve and amplify that voice by removing obstacles such as grammar and punctuation problems, lack of clarity, and weak structure. She is committed to helping authors publish their work with the highest possible quality.




I’m Val Cervarich, a nonfiction editor and word nerd at heart. I assist authors in creating compelling and polished manuscripts. While getting my master’s degree in Teaching English, I deepened my knowledge of grammar and writing. This has translated into comprehensive developmental and copy editing services for self-publishing authors. I utilize a constructive approach in providing feedback, which empowers authors to refine their writing skills and their voices. And my teaching background has shaped my communicative and flexible approach for working with clients, especially novice authors.


I would love to support your journey to publication!

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Hello! I’m Lisa Tynan, from Massachusetts, USA, an experienced freelance writer turned full-time editor. My primary editing niche is non-fiction, and I specialize in the Christian and self-help genres. However, I welcome authors of all genres and specialties.


As both an editor and a writer, I provide unique skills and insights that ensure your book is both grammatically sound and cleanly written. I also believe that a great book is a collaborative effort of both editor and author, so ongoing communication is essential.


Contact me for a free sample edit. I’d love to put my passion for editing to work for you!




Doris has been editing print media and organizing educational programs since 2005 as the Chief Copy Editor and Program Coordinator for several environmental agencies. Doris is now the Chief Editor for a non-fiction book publishing company specializing in self-help books. She also offers editing services for fiction, ranging from short stories, novels, plays, and even video game narratives. These experiences have primed her to be an extremely attentive editor, delivering a fast turnaround without ever sacrificing quality.


When Doris is not editing, she is writing, reading, or drawing. Doris is currently working on self-publishing her debut novel and understands the challenges indie authors face. Through Cutting Edge Studio, she is committed to helping authors achieve clarity and momentum towards their book's publication. Please contact Doris for a free sample edit to see how she can transform your work.




I hated reading as a child and was always the slowest to read a chapter in class. Everything changed after I came across that one book. First, it was one book a month. Then, two and four, and so on. Reading and writing became my solace in times of struggle. I became an online tutor for creative writing classes in college, accelerating my passion for literature and creative writing daily. Students come to me with a wide range of assignments and I found my calling to help strengthen their confidence and encourage them towards perfecting their skills. Now, I work for Cutting Edge Studio to help guide and encourage you! Whatever project you throw my way, we will conquer it together, no matter how big or small. Getting a story started is the hard part, now all we have to do is make it memorable.

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Formatter - 3D character creator


Cheri Lasota has worked in publishing since 2004, with an initial focus on editing and writing fiction, culminating in seven SFF novels and USA Today and Wall Street Journal listings for her novel Petra. She has expanded her skills and services over time, which now include cover design, book formatting, 3D character design, stock art, and author websites. With nearly 800 stock images in her shop, nearly 100 books formatted, and over 200 cover designs under her belt, Cheri is ready to help bring your project to fruition.


Proofreader - Formatter


Arjen has been working in IT for over 30 years. His adventure into electronic publishing started in 2011 when he wrote an email to John Vance, the son of the grandmaster of sci-fi and fantasy Jack Vance, asking whether his father's works were available as ebooks. This resulted in the Vance Digital Edition, a 66-volume ebook-set containing the complete works of Jack Vance. After a visit to Oakland where he got to meet Jack, the idea of a publishing house was born.


Over the last decade he has proofread and formatted over 300 titles from different authors for different publishers worldwide. When not working behind his computer he loves to travel, go for long hikes, spend time with his children or just simply enjoy watching TV accompanied by his two cats Murdock and Monty.




My name is Sophie and I’m an interior book designer with more than 5 years experience. I design book interiors and do ebook conversions. I help authors self-publish their books, from manuscript to print and/or converted to an ebook.

Designing books is ALL I do. They are my passion and my specialty. I make the process as smooth as possible for first-time authors and for seasoned authors. If you are a first-time author, you’ll probably have many questions, and I will be there to provide answers for you. Check out my customer reviews and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m easy to reach and work with, so let me work with you.


Formatter - cover designer


Suzanna Chriscoe, a US based designer, has been creating award-winning formatting for magazines and newspapers since 1999. Keen attention to detail and ability to take an author’s ideas and translate them into sound communication is what makes her work stand out.  Suzanna’s love for written word and never-ending enthusiasm to learn has brought about a pivot in her work priorities. Moving from B2B/B2C publication design over to book formatting and cover design has reignited Suzanna’s creativity and lead to a resource we are glad to offer here at Cutting Edge Studio.

Suzanna’s specialties include formatting for fiction and non-fiction, creation of unique infographics, product and title branding as well as typography. Her more than 20+ years’ experience working with the Adobe suite of products including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop allows your manuscript to have seamless transition from e-book to printed page.




Shahbaz is a Pakistanian formatter with passion for his work. He takes great care with your manuscript to make it look as polished as those from big publishing houses.


Formatter - cover designer


This is Sara Mitchell, a senior graphic and website designer, Her services include i.e, book cover designing, book formatting, complete branding of the business, and website designing. She supports the brand’s creative marketing team in the creation and execution of global brand campaigns. Her day-to-day responsibilities include conceptualizing and executing design strategies and solutions for a variety of digital, print, and web briefs.

Alejandro Ariel Martin.jpg

Formatter - cover designer


I'm an artist specialized in editorial design and brand identity. I have been working in this field for about 10 years now. I love to design, my work is eye catching and meaningful. 

My goal is to work closely with clients to create a book they will be proud of. I only deliver high quality projects. The work is finished when the client is 100% satisfied. 

It's been an honor to work with clients such as the World Health Organization (WHO), United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the State government of Santa Fe, Argentine. 

I have a Visual Communication Design degree of the National University of Rosario (Argentine) and a postgraduate degree in Creative Mass Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).


Virtual assistant


Karen Zachary is the founder of Anchor Virtual Assistants. She has a degree in English Literature from the University of Maryland at College Park, and has been published in multiple national magazines. She helps authors and entrepreneurs with the technical, admin and creative parts of their business like email marketing, WordPress, social media, and blog ghostwriting. 


She has over 20 years of experience managing complex and tight-deadline projects.


Virtual assistant


Martinique Pautzke is the founder of AuthorHelpM4. A teacher by trade, she thrives in places she can support and inspire others. She's been working with authors since 2019, handling social media, ads, websites, on-brand graphics and more. 


Audiobook Narrator


Jonathan Beville is an audiobook narrator working on political, military, and financial thrillers, as well as current affairs and business titles. A classically trained actor, Jonathan has also enjoyed a successful career in the defense industry.  He has had the privilege to live in both Europe and the Middle East, and has worked on projects taking him to more than 80 countries around the world.  

Jonathan brings this spirit of adventure, and a deep love for travel and exploration into the recording studio, drawing on  experiences and familiarity with the not only the major cities of the world, but also the most remote corners of Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. 

Jonathan is also active in the commercial, corporate, and medical narration/voiceover communities, and has worked with numerous clients from around the world, where he is the signature voice of the NCT Conference series on CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) threats.


The father of two daughters, Jonathan has been an avid SCUBA diver for more than twenty years.  He and his family reside in Maryland.

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