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Ok. So you got your book back from the editor. But editors are only humans. They too may miss a mistake in your book. So if you want a third person to go over your manuscript one more time to make 100% sure it has no mistakes – in other words you need a proofreader – we can help!


We have “mismatchers” on our team who have a specialty of finding even the smallest mistake in your book. They can ensure it’s free of any errors in the grammar, spelling, punctuation, typography, and formatting.


After our service your work will have an improved style, clarity, and sentence structure. We can correct the language and grammar errors and help improve consistency while still keeping your style of writing!

You can choose to have proofreading done before or after formatting. Whichever has your preference. Most common is to proofread after formatting.


So what’s the price?

$5/1000 words*

*All prices exclude a 10% service fee

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