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What are the different types of editing?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

What types of editing are there? And how do you find a good editor? In this blog you will read everything about it.

If you have a better understanding of what types of editing there are, it can help you make a decision as to what types of editing you will choose for your book.
Editing a book.

How do I find a good editor?

Google is your friend here, but it’s hard to know beforehand if the editor is any good. The best thing you can do is find a referral for an editor from another author. You can also go to websites that you trust that work with good editors. Some of them have an outsourcers list and only work with people who they know can deliver quality time after time. Self Publishing School is one of them, Reedsy another. Another way to find editors is by using websites like Upwork. With those kind of websites, you can often choose between a “fixed price”or an “hourly wage”. I would suggest using the “fixed price”. This way you stimulate the editor to work within the time frame that you have in mind. A possible drawback is that they spend less time on your manuscript because it takes too much effort.

Always, even if someone referred an editor to you, ask them for a sample edit. This way you can see what the quality is and how the editor works. Most editors will gladly offer you a free 500-word sample edit.

We at Cutting-edge-studio work with some of the best editors in the field. Feel free to contact us for a free 500 word sample. If you want more information about our editors and how we work, click here.

Read on if you would like to learn what types of editing we offer.

Types of editing

There are 3 main types of editing:

Developmental Editing

In this first stage of editing we mainly look at the manuscript as a whole. Plot, structure, characterization. Does the manuscript make sense? Are there any chapters that need to go, or maybe need to be added? Maybe there are elements that simply don’t work in the story. This type of editing mainly works for fiction books.

Content Editing

This type of editing goes deeper into the manuscript and focuses on things like the readability, pace, and the character’s voice. Does the manuscript flow? Will it hold the attention of the reader? Are the characters relatable?

Copy Editing

This is the more technical side of editing. Here the editor focuses mainly on grammar and correctness of the text.

If you are considering self-publishing a book and would like some help with figuring out how to go about it, you can contact us here and schedule a call. Cutting Edge Studio is a one-stop-shop for authors and can help you out with every aspect of publishing and marketing.

Looking for a self-publishing guide?

If you are an author and looking for more tips on how to publish and market your book, click here.

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