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Cover Design Ideas That Compel You to Turn the Page

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Appealing cover designs have the power to compel readers to pick up the book and give it a read. Here are some cover design ideas that can boost your readership.

Compelling cover design ideas
Cover design ideas that compel you to turn the page

Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

We all have heard it somewhere, but how many of us really implement this piece of advice?

Whenever we step outside to buy a book, we tend to go after the ones that have appealing cover designs and unique quality. Any cover that catches our eye, we pick it up, turn it around, give its back story a read, and then decide whether or not we should buy the book.

Therefore, it is important to select the right cover design if you are planning on publishing your book.

Here are some ideas that can help you through the process:

· Genre is key

Whenever you decide to publish a book, make sure to have a cover designed that fits the genre. There is a reason most covers in a genre look alike. It’s because that way they are instantly recognizable.

Of course you want your cover to stand out. However, from a marketing perspective, it’s smart to stay within the genre tropes. It gives your book a higher chance to be picked out of the thousands of others your audience scrolls by.

· Keep it simple

It is very tempting to want to put every element of your book onto the book cover. However, that will almost always result in a cluttered, unprofessional looking cover. It’s best to pick a few strong elements, at the most 3, giving them space to shine. Also keep the color pallete on your cover simple. 2 main colors is often best.

· Include Awards and Reviews

Including accolades and reviews from well-known production companies can really boost your readership. Knowing that others liked the book, especially when they’re well known people, will often trigger potential readers to try it out themselves.

Final Word

Your book cover plays an important role in inducing readership. The first thing a reader sees is a cover. It should be appealing and enticing enough to grab the attention of the readers. Once your book has got their attention, they will give it a read for sure.

At Cutting Edge Studio, we only work with designers who have designed for bestselling authors and who deliver quality work time and time again. Curious? Check our cover design services and portfolios here.

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