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Benefits of Self-Publishing your Book

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

If you are thinking of getting your book published, do it yourself. We have compiled a list of benefits of self-publishing that can help you out.

Benefits of self-publishing
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Writing a novel is not a piece of cake. A writer goes through many troubles and overcomes many obstacles on their journey to completing their book. However, the writing part isn’t the end of it. Once you’re done, you then have to publish the book. If you are a writer who wants to publish a novel, you should do it yourself.

After all, only you know the value of your manuscript. Don’t let anyone else cut any piece of your creativity for the sake of publication.

Here are some benefits of self-publishing your book:

· You are NOT Answerable to Anyone

When you decide to publish your book on your own, you do not have to answer to anyone. You can write, edit, design, and print your book in whichever way you choose. If you are having trouble in one of these stages, hire a professional and let them help you out with any of the problematic stages.

· Every Penny is Yours!

Unlike the traditional way of publishing, when you decide to publish your book/novel yourself, you have all the power. You get all the monetary rewards that come when people purchase your book. Besides, why should anyone get even a single penny of YOUR hard work?

· Explore Networking Opportunities

Writing a book is a complicated process where you have to go through different stages to complete your masterpiece. These stages may include sharing your ideas with other people, considering writing a press release for your book, taking different opinions from different people, or even turning your book into an e-book. This journey is going to present you with excellent opportunities to come out of your shell and interact with different people. You will get to explore different networks while you are trying to publish your book.

· You Are in Charge of the Price of Your Book

Price control plays an essential role in the publication of your work. You need to devise a plan that will help you boost your readership while also ensuring that you make money in the process. When you ditch the traditional route of publishing (via a third party), you are saving yourself a lot of money!

Always try to sell your book at a reasonable price. Remember, don’t undersell yourself, but don’t act like you’re the next J.K. Rowling or George R.R. Martin. Do your market research – know who your target audience is and what they’re willing to pay for a book in that particular genre. If it takes off and you move on to a sequel or another unrelated book, you can then hike your prices accordingly.

Final word

The benefits of self-publishing your book cannot be overlooked. It is your book, and you need to be in charge of it. Apart from ensuring that no one is able to cut your content, you also get 100% of the profits and complete control over the publishing process.

For more information on the book publishing process and our self-publishing services, contact us.

Looking for a self-publishing guide?

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