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You did it! You have either just published your book or now have everything in order so you can publish. Our team at Cutting Edge Studio are very proud to be (a small) part of your journey and we hope that you loved working with us.


To thank you for working with us, we wanted to give something back to you. A chance to earn part of the money back that you invested with us. How? By using our referral program. If you send somebody our way and they end up spending more than $250 with us, you get 10% of the total amount that they spend sent directly to your PayPal account.  All the referral needs to do is give us your name. We will contact you directly. If you know for a fact that somebody will contact us, you can also go ahead and send us an email to let us know and tell us what your PayPal email address is.


Lastly, we want to ask you for a huge favor. Would you help us out and leave a review for us on Google and Facebook. Reviews really help our business grow and that way we are able to help more authors to fulfill their dream. The review doesn’t need to be long. Just a few sentences and (hopefully) 5 stars will be great. It will only take you a couple of seconds. You can leave your review by clicking on the links in the pop-up or on the links below.


Click here to leave a review on Google


Click here to leave a review on Facebook


We thank you for your trust in us and hope to work with you in the future.

- Team Cutting Edge Studio

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